Your Guide to Fire and Water Damage Repair in Fort Myers

Robert Gordon is the owner of Gulf Coast Restoration and Construction in Fort Myers, Florida. Gulf Coast Restoration and Construction provides mold remediation services as well as fire and water damage repair in Fort Myers, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota and the surrounding areas. No stranger to the home restoration industry, Gordon has built a solid reputation for client satisfaction over the years and works closely with most major south Florida insurance companies in order to provide the smoothest, most efficient home restoration experience possible. In this series of articles, Gordon offers an insider's perspective on common home restoration issues and talks about the best ways to work with your insurance company after a disaster.

Reconstructing Your Home after a Fire

Can your home be saved? Find out how to find the right restoration company to help put the pieces together after a fire.

Dealing with Soot Damage After a Fire

Even after a minor fire, soot damage can be extensive. Will everything need to be replaced? With the right techniques and tools, soot damage can be removed.

Eliminating Odors After a Fire

A persistent smoky odor is a constant reminder of the tragedy your family has experienced. Find out how to get rid of lingering odors after a fire so that you can move on with your lives.

Working with Your Insurance Company after a Flood

When a pipe breaks, a toilet overflows, or your basement floods, getting rid of excess water quickly is critical. Learn how to work with your insurance company to find a contractor who can help dry out your home in a hurry.

Eliminating Mold in Your South Florida Home

In a warm, humid climate like South Florida, it's not uncommon to discover mold growing inside your home. Find out who to call if you suspect a mold problem and what can be done to remediate it.

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