Mold Removal in Fort Myers & Surrounding - From Naples to North of Tampa

If you think you have mold, there are 2 ways to discover it, visually and air testing.

Visually- If you visually see mold, the need for air testing becomes a waste of your money. If you see it, you have it. No sense in wasting money to confirm mold by testing if you can see it. Mold usually grows in places with reduced air flow, like behind doors, inside cabinets, behind furniture, corners of the walls and behind appliances. Mold can come in a rainbow of colors, from black to yellow to red and every color in between; it is not possible to identify the species just from a visual sign. The species really does not matter at this point; the only thing that matters is getting rid of it. We can prepare a detailed estimate using the software preferred by most insurance companies. Air testing is completed at the end of the remediation process to ensure the air quality meets industry standards, and to give you a laboratory analysis verifying that the mold was correctly eliminated.

Odor- A second indicator is a musty smell. Sometimes this is accompanied by a physical discomfit in a person's eyes and/or throat. Tracking down odors becomes a bit more challenging to pinpoint an exact location without tearing out walls to find it. This is where air testing can be a very valuable tool. Air testing, at this point will, identify the quantities of mold spores present that give us "clues" as to where the mold may be hiding. At times our Infrared Camera will find moisture inside the walls. Once the source is discovered, remediation is the next step. Again, final air quality testing becomes a necessity to ensure the air quality is satisfactory.

There is a cost associated with air testing, usually ranging from $350 to over $600, depending on how many samples are needed to investigate the affected areas.

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